Commitment Showing up in body, mind and spirit in complete dedication for your team, your family and yourself.

The value of commitment means to show up for your team, your family and yourself. When you choose to truly show up in life you are choosing to dedicate your whole-self in body, mind and spirit to the cause in which you represent. We desire our athletes to embody commitment to our cause at the South Brisbane Wolves. To bring all they are and truly show up for their team, their families and themselves.

Competition – Achieving your best with an attitude of humility and continual improvement.

A successful team cannot be competitive in skill alone. To achieve your best means to bring together an attitude of continual improvement and strive to do better. We desire athletes to love competition. Firstly, a self-competitive attitude off the court in their personal life and secondly, their desire to go hard after the win on the court in their sporting life. We know that a competitive edge requires heart, skill and strategy in unison. 

Community – Growing together in common unity by getting involved, taking ownership and having fun.

At South Brisbane Wolves there is no doubt we love volleyball, and we love to win. But a team with all wins and no community is merely individuals striving for self-glorification. Volleyball is the common interest we all share which enables the gathering of our community to grow together. What keeps our community strong is the sharing of common unity/vision. Our vision is to see all people thrive in their sporting endeavours and their life. We welcome all people and encourage each member to choose to invest their time by getting involved (sharing their skills and talents),  taking ownership (creating positive and healthy sport culture) and having fun (enjoying their own and each other’s company and success). With this vision in mind we see people choosing to go above and beyond the simplicities of playing sport in desire of deep and lasting friendships at the South Brisbane Wolves Volleyball club.  

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